Enderby Seed Library

Seed germination and seed starting workshop at the library.

Now open, at the Enderby branch of the Okanagan Regional Library

If you would like to donate seeds please take them to the Enderby Library:  514 Cliff Ave, Enderby. Phone: 250-838-6488

Or contact us at:

We encourage people to test their seeds for germination before donating them. See our Link to Resources page for information on seed germination testing.


Please label your seeds

Please fill out the label and attach it to your seed container or package. Add any other interesting information about your seed. Perhaps it was passed down from an older friend or relative. Is it exceptionally hardy, drought resistant or flavourful? 


If you would like to take seeds to grow out

Please fill out your contact information. Make a note for yourself about any special information regarding the seed you wish to grow. If you are new to seed saving, check the information about how to save seeds. Some seeds are  easy to save, others are more challenging. All are rewarding!

Take your seed home, plant it and grow it out. Enjoy some of your vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowers and allow some to go to seed. When the seed is ripe, harvest and clean it. Return some to the seed library, keep some for yourself and share some with a friend.

Download our free "How to save Seeds" booklet and check out our resouces page for more information on how to save seeds.

click here for links to resources

Download our How to Save Seeds booklet (free)