Shuswap Seed Swap


The 25th Annual Seed Swap March 9th, 2019

The Shuswap Seed Swap began 24 years ago at Green Croft Gardens and was hosted by Gabriele & Wolf Wesle and June Griswold. As people’s interest in gardening and seed saving grew so did the need for larger facilities. After outgrowing many local venues, the Shuswap Seed Savers are pleased to call the Splatsin Community Centre their new host site. This unique and stunning building has allowed us to expand our number of vendors as well as offer many presentations on subjects related to sustainable gardening. 

A major attraction at this event is our annual community seed swap table. Local gardeners and seed vendors have the opportunity to share their excess seeds with others. The growing and sharing of seeds is a way to preserve crops for generations. The more often a seed is grown in an area the more likelihood you will reap a plentiful crop that is also more resistant to local pests and diseases. It’s exciting when people come to us with their heritage seeds that we can add to our expanding seed bank and share with local gardeners.

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A wonderful group of volunteers packaged seed so we could share it.

By sharing the seed we hope to inspire people to save seed and experience the benefits of growing some of their own food.